EIG + Callisto | Building blockchain solutions for games & esports

Esports Innovation Group (EIG) enters Callisto Enterprise, a holding group of the blockchain Callisto Network, to build tech for games & esports together.

  • EIG invests in blockchain company Callisto Enterprise
  • Together, we will build tech solutions for the games & esports industry
  • Callisto Network solves an important problem by providing a layer 1 smart contract platform with low-cost transactions and native trading solutions.

“We’re on a mission to inspire an entire industry as the architects of personalised digital entertainment technology.” ~ EIG

Esports Innovation Group (EIG)‘s mission is to challenge & innovate upon conventional practices within the esports industry. Leading with purpose, expanding what’s possible, and reminding all of us that the space for innovation is still vast. Businesses and brands continue to search for best practices in hopes of achieving optimal results. We believe that the catalyst for the industry to reach its tipping point lies on the shoulders of those making continued advancements in technology.

Blockchain technology has without a doubt become among the world’s most recent groundbreaking innovations. The web3 movement as with many has received its fair share of criticism. Just as AI & machine learning had before. Now, with AI/ML’s practical applications, it has inspired every industry, just as it has with us at EIG with our AI solutions.

Blockchain has already begun to inspire industries, and with the Callisto Network, we intend to build technology that will further push the boundaries of esports tech innovation.

Esports Innovation Group (EIG) has had the opportunity to work with clients & partners to help build esports with a focus on grassroots. Fueled by EIG’s cutting edge technology & ecosystem of industry experts, we have helped organisations increase their operational efficiencies as well as expand their monetisation opportunities. 

“…By investing in Callisto, we have significantly increased our developer capabilities for Web3 and we’re excited to offer these opportunities to businesses and gamers globally."

To facilitate the development of Web3 solutions, EIG has already begun extending its tech development capabilities for NFT and blockchain solutions. This will bolster EIG’s “Esports as a Service (EaaS)” offering within its ecosystem of products and services for businesses and brands.

“It is important for us to continue creating innovative solutions for the esports industry to truly experience exponential growth just as other industries have like e-commerce or food delivery. By investing in Callisto, we have significantly increased our developer capabilities for web3 and we’re excited to offer these opportunities to businesses and gamers globally.” said Michael Broda, Co-Founder & CEO of Esports Innovation Group.

Why Callisto Network and Callisto Enterprise?

True ownership of Digital Goods, breaking boundaries and removing the need for intermediaries.

We were looking for a partner who constantly challenged the current status just as we do. We believe that current decentralized blockchain services are not decentralized enough. For example, the majority of the NFT trading happening on the largest platforms, have the ability to freeze any NFTs from being traded. This is fundamentally against the principles of decentralization.

For our partners, 3rd party involvement has been a key point in discussions. Callisto advocates their CallistoNFT standard which also implements an NFT2NFT communication channel allowing sales without 3rd party involvement. This gives NFT owners more control over their Digital Goods, a crucial part of changing the gamer’s view of the NFT ecosystem.

“For Callisto Network and Callisto Enterprise, joining forces with a well-established esports group is an opportunity to enter one of the fastest-growing industries and bring esports on Callisto Blockchain…”

Callisto Network and its community

A community of builders with an interest in games & esports.

Although the Callisto Network is not the largest by total blockchain market size, the team has proved its ability to pivot around the blockchain ecosystem needs time and time again. With the network’s ability to maintain low transaction costs and high security, the network has shown signs of positive growth and we are confident in its future. Its community has shown strong interest in opportunities within games, one such ongoing project being an RPG card game called and another launching soon called Gems & Goblins.

“For Callisto Network and Callisto Enterprise, joining forces with a well-established esports group is an opportunity to enter one of the fastest-growing industries and bring esports on Callisto Blockchain. This step alone guarantees the community and investors future use cases and adoption. Together with EIG, we plan to use CallistoNFT and the future technologies we will develop, to make Callisto Network a clear choice, when projects are looking for a gaming and esports platform” — Vladimír Vencálek Co-Founder & CEO of Callisto Enterprise and CEO of Callisto Network.


Upcoming projects

We are excited to announce that a project from our joint effort will be launched on the Callisto Network blockchain sooner than expected. Perhaps even next week. What we can reveal is that it will be an exciting Metaverse.

About EIG

EIG is a Venture Corporation enabling businesses to champion esports through its proprietary technology, alumni of industry experts, strategic partnerships, and portfolio companies. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with offices in Los Angeles and New York, USA including partnerships with some of the largest esports & gaming brands internationally — EIG exists to enable businesses to succeed with esports through its innovations and access to cutting edge technology for the benefit of gamers everywhere.


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About Callisto Enterprise

Callisto Enterprise is a Czech-based company composed of committed experts providing technical support to early-stage projects. By offering Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solution, Callisto Enterprise aims to bridge the gap between enterprises and blockchain. This allows for greater agility and quicker adoption of the Callisto Network blockchain, thereby driving the Callisto ecosystem’s growth.

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About Callisto Network

Callisto Network is a layer 1 Ethereum compatible smart contract solution based on a proof-of-work blockchain. Powered by its native cryptocurrency, CLO, Callisto Network is fast, safe, allows for low-cost transactions, and is protected against 51% attacks. Since its launch by the developers of Ethereum Commonwealth (Ethereum Classic), Callisto Network has made numerous contributions to improve Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, and audited over 360 smart contracts, establishing the team as the leader in the crypto-security industry.

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