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Adopting Digital Marketing

The introduction of the internet brought with it a great wave of digitisation. First to migrate were print media. As more consumers moved to the internet, businesses understood news & banners on websites were similar to magazine ad pages & billboards but in digital form. Social media, still new, was ignored.



Social Media Departments

Soon after came user generated content, the age of social media platforms. An age we now call, WEB2. Customer attention on these platforms were so large, it forced businesses to rethink their strategies. They had to catch up to competitors who had the foresight to carve their spot. Now, every business has had to adopt social media marketing, and invest in dedicated departments to connect with younger audiences. An ironic conclusion considering social media was largely scoffed at before mass adoption.



Passive Digital Entertainment (PDE)

The most common form of entertainment to have gone digital, has been to consume content as a viewer or reader. Having little to no active participation in the content once it is created.


Read Media Platforms

Amongst the first forms of content consumed on the internet, read-only media platforms have evolved to rely on user publications such as Medium. As read-only suggests, participation is only one-way, author to reader.


Video Content Platforms

Content platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and others started a revolution in content created by its users. But once published, it is consumed.


Subscription Streaming (OTT)

Popular OTT platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and others, have shifted consumption behaviour from cable TV to online. Using algorithms to suggest & influence content produced or published.



Active Digital Entertainment (ADE)

Making real connections in the digital age of tomorrow will be through giving audiences opportunities to actively participate. Consumers thirst for unique experiences they can share with their friends, loved ones and tribe, across the world.


User Generated Content

With more creative tools available and access to the internet, it’s become easier and cheaper for anyone to not only consume, but cooperatively create.



Now added into every app, platform, and even workplace. We have gamified life by making otherwise mundane tasks fun.



We not only watch, but actively participate in the content by interacting with the streamer and other audiences. Collectively experiencing entertainment together with chat.



The way we interact with the digital world will change forever. From 2D flat interfaces to dynamic virtual environments.

We create the tools for Active Digital Entertainment

As consumers begin to shift their attention to new digital forms of entertainment, our solutions will help you engage and connect with them in ways that are meaningful and personalised. Be future ready, with EIG.


The Industry now

Video gaming industry is $200bn USD, esports just 0.5% of it, industry experts expect it to be 10~20%.


Bigger than Film & Sports

*USD 200bn and growing exponentially


Industry still at its infancy

Digital natives are as old as 30, 0.5% of them consume esports. We expect that to grow to 20%, and later 30% in the years to come


Consumption has gone digital

*14.5% YOY Revenue Growth, 100% YOY User Growth (the industry)

Connecting to Gen Z in meaningful ways


of esports fans notice who’s sponsoring the event

Research from ‘YouGov’


Of Gen Z respondents have tried a recommendation from a ‘digital creator’

Research from ‘Fullscreen’


The Problem

As described above, consumer behaviour has evolved. Attention is being grabbed by Games & Esports. 

Classic brands will find difficulty reaching younger consumers if brands are not present where they choose to consume and engage with content. Businesses are looking to invest in the industry but don’t know how.


The trouble with technology fragmentation

We have a clear product vision, that is well encompassed and demanded by the market


Industry is fragmented

We deliver a 1-stop solution that has the Tech, Team and Experience


Limited available insights

Our tech provides clear data driven analytics to provide decision making insights


The Opportunity

Why brands must get into Esports

High engagements & lifetime value

Esports serves a mass market of digital natives that increasingly choose games as their main form of entertainment. The accessibility of mobile and the effects of the pandemic have acted as catalysts to its growth.

The esports community is tightly connected, vocal and loyal to brands who are able to ’speak their language’

Huge Growth Potential


Traditional sports ad spent per viewer

Sports fans spend an average of $50 USD


Esports ad spent per viewer

Esports fans currently spend an average of %5 USD

A US study found that 37% of media consumption took place in gaming, but only 2% of media spending went to this category that has 8.7% YOY audience growth. This discrepancy will soon change significantly in the next few years.

We expect esports fan average spend


Brands that seize this unique opportunity will lead in the race of capturing the attention of young audiences.

Our Solutions


Esports as a Service (EaaS)

We attract gamers through the games they love and channels where they consume content, leading them to a purpose-built platform where your business can interact & engage with them directly.


Media Marketing

Standard advertising formats are slowly fading away, new forms will rise and EIG is building the infrastructure to support marketing to this new generation of digital audiences.



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